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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Duel of the Think Tanks

I threw it all for a shot at hysteria
Choosing to ignore that my feet is on the ground
Love for the shiny side got me blinded
Now I don’t know where I’m bound

My head is banging metal, heart is humming Elvis
Duel of the think tanks, my mind wins the round
Drinks in the day, shades in the night
Topsy-Turvy, my world spins around

I feel heavy, never so down
Seems like gravity can take a rest now
My life is farcical, I laughed so hard
It’s probably  just the frown upside-down

The dark seas of guilt headed towards me
Attempting to stay afloat, no is the sound
Drowning in the rush, closer to abyss
Lost and never to be found

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