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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


You’ve got the whole street distracted when you walk by
You give a teaser, the sparks just fly
You draw a wink; they’re pushed to the brink
A further maneuver and they trip over
But it’s going to take a lot more than voodoo to win me over
Coz' I’m older, two times over
Than all the dolt boys that you’re after
Laughter; that’s all they can offer you
Laugh, that’s all you will be able to do!
Ring me, once you’re done with these immature jesters and their immature gestures
I’ll be your personalized one, if you promise to keep this between us!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Duel of the Think Tanks

I threw it all for a shot at hysteria
Choosing to ignore that my feet is on the ground
Love for the shiny side got me blinded
Now I don’t know where I’m bound

My head is banging metal, heart is humming Elvis
Duel of the think tanks, my mind wins the round
Drinks in the day, shades in the night
Topsy-Turvy, my world spins around

I feel heavy, never so down
Seems like gravity can take a rest now
My life is farcical, I laughed so hard
It’s probably  just the frown upside-down

The dark seas of guilt headed towards me
Attempting to stay afloat, no is the sound
Drowning in the rush, closer to abyss
Lost and never to be found

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Staring out the window
The cold night so warm
A distant sound of laughter
The dawn of a storm

Helplessly deep in slumber
Not a care to take to bed
A clear sound of silence
The end of mayhem

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

So much to a Day

There is so much to a day
That we tend to overlook
Twenty odd hours to your name
We ruin it playing by the book
The sun comes up without fail
The moon shines in the shade
We often look for chances to run
Whatever happened to making hay

We chase things that we don’t need
Give in to things that we don’t believe
Attached to an array of inanimate things
With things that live, we live in deceit

Advised to live, we would rather exist
Who is ever ready to forego anything
From dawn to dusk we live to breathe
There is so much to a day
That we tend to overlook